Sunday, June 22, 2008

Freebies 22/06/2008

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I hope you like this BIG mix of freebies and samples!

Please keep them coming by sending any freebie finds to me at: Its always nice to share the good fortune with all the members!. Have a great week!. Max

Free Ensure shake and coupons!

Ensure meal replacement shakes are a great dietary supplement for some people. With 350 calories per shake and tons of vitamins and nutrients, they're a good alternative to less healthy products like Carnation Breakfast Drinks. But then again, fried Twinkies are probably a good alternative to Carnation Breakfast Drinks.

Fill out the form on the Ensure website to get a coupon for a free Ensure drink and another for savings on six-packs, just in case you decide you like them. You can print out the coupons on your computer or have them mailed to you.

Free Kahlua Shaker!

You have to be 21 or older for this Fantastic Freebie but, if you are, and you like Kahlua, you'll definitely want to fill out the form to receive a free shaker from Kahlua.

Unless you're into the whole Margaritaville-kitsch look, don't display this one proudly -- it'll look like you have problems.

Spitz sunflower seeds

With all the concern about rising food prices, a lot of people could really use some free food. Sunflower seeds are a good start, I guess.

If you take this survey, Spitz Sunflowers will send you a free bag of its seeds. Spitz has gained recognition (it says) for being the first company to produce flavored sunflower seeds. You can get dill pickle, smoky BBQ, chili lime, and hot and spicy, among others.

I'm not sure how I feel about flavored sunflower seeds, but Spitz appears willing to bet one package that you'll like them enough to buy more.

Free Samsung Glyde (USA)
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These were sent in by April...Many thanks!

Free Sample Of Flexitol

Free Colgate Toothbrush

Free Services And Products For Anyone With Asthma - Easy Form Click The Sign-up Now Button After You Enter The Site ...Ton's Of Free Stuff Here

Free Sample Of Just Like Sugar (International)

Free Sample Of Pet Greens

Free $500 Diaper Voucher (USA)
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Free Sample Of Curamin

Free Bipolar Help Kit - Back For A Limited Time - Nice Package Free Mood Tracker & More  ..Just Fill Out The Simple Form

Free Sample Of Chair Care

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Free Samples Of Healthy To Go

Free Sample Of Dr. Allan Phillips' Awakening

Free Ten Commandments Lapel Pin And Moses Prayer Card

Young, Energitic & Slender! (USA)
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Free Diet Sample Pack - First 150 Per Day - Hurry

Free Sample Of Next To Nature

Free Booklet "Living Your Purpose: Truth In Practice"

Free 2008 Unity On Sacred Ground Calendar

Free Sample From Consolidated Photo Packaging Inc.

Free Sample Of Hand Sanitizer

Free Planet Protectors Club Kit

$500 Sears Gift Card (Canada)
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Free Sample Of Energizer Hearing Aid Batteries

Free Internet Safety Kit (International)

Free Feed Our Kids Well Recipe Book

Free Sample Of Guranse Tea

Free Folgers Free Gourmet Selections Sample

$500 Woolworths Gift Card (Australia)
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Free Samples From TapFree

Free 42ct. Bottle Of Topamax For Migrains

Answer The Survey Question - Then Click On Free Trail Thats All There Is To It

Free Sample From Pristine Skin Care Products

Free Sample Of AgriMarks Plant Markers

Free Sample Packet of Inca Gold Toilet Deodorant Powder

Free Alaway Eye Drops

Free Pair of Adidas Sneekers (USA)
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Free Criminal Justice Package

Free Herbal Tea Sample

Free Sample Of Boss Pure Fragrance

Free Subscription To Garden Center Magazine

If You Are Planning On A Garden - This Is For You

Free Samples For Homebrewers

Free Alton Towers Annual Passes (UK)
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Free Book - Speaking Clearly - Hurry

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Free Sample Of Stevia (Sweetener)

These were sent in by Gwen Duhon..Many Thanks!

Free Pioneer Hardware Magnet

Free Sample Of Alpacal Wool

Laptop of your Choice for $25 (UK)
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Free Save Anneusher-Bucsh Bumper Sticker

Poison Control Center Freebies - Educational materials:

Free Guide To Controlling Diabetes:

Free Sample From Bentley Seeds

Free Bird Watching Kit

Free Sample Of Powder Goat's Milk

Free Bobbi Brown makeup Samples (USA)
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Free Senseo Pods (coffee singles):

Free Pup-Peroni Dog Snacks

Free Basket Making Patterns

Free Sample Of Sweat Block

Free Sample Of Pantene Pro-V Color Expressions:

Free Tshirt & $50 Restaurant Gift Card (USA)
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Free Gourmet Folgers Coffee


Free Sample Of Sinu Cleanse


Free Sample Of Yappy Treats - this one barks at you when you go to the site.

Sober X Hangover Sample

Free TV Shows Online - watch the show online, don't know about copying or saving the show, not a techie. Sorry!

Free trials on:Aerogarden,Captivia,First Impressions lip plumper,Gabamed,Hydroderm,Lift Sp,and Natural Beauty at:

Sent in by: Debbie Tunnicliff

Teeth Whitening Freebie (UK)
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Free Legal Game Downloads

Liberated Games only lists games that have officially been released for free. You can be sure all the downloads are legal. These guys not only track and list the free games. If they see a lot of interest in a particular older title they will try to convince the producers to make them available for free. Liberated Games is a site that every avid gamer is going to want to check out.

Smart Tips - Lower Your Grocery Bill

Save Money on Groceries

Planning - The Number One Key to Top Savings

The most important thing to remember about lowering your food bill is to plan your meals before going into the store. Dedicating time to grocery shopping and meal planning will cut your spending by up to 50 percent, if you stick to your list. Impulse-buying is the thirfty shopper's enemy, so while shopping avoid picking up items that aren't on your list.

How Much Are You Spending?

One easy method to determine how much you are spending on groceries, is to put all of your grocery receipts in one envelope for a month than add it up.

Analyze Your Spending

How much are you spending on actual food? Separate the toiletries and miscellaneous items to really find the answer. You will be amazed at what you find out.

Free Cleaning Samples (USA)
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Don't Shop on an Empty Stomach

It has been proven that going to the grocery store hungry can increases your food bill by up to 15 percent, due to impulse-buying.

Often we leave work and stop in to pick up items for dinner. This can be a deadly practice to our frugal budgets. Play it safe - fill-up yourself before you fill-up your grocery cart.

Avoid Darting Into Convenience Stores

Convenience stores thrive on the principle that your quick trip in for a cheap coke will result in you making a purchase of at least two other items. Those two items will most likely be marked up by 60 percent or higher over grocery store prices. If you do want a coke or a quick cup of coffee, bring in only the exact or near to exact change to help stifle the impulse to get that Twinkie!

Don't Buy Toiletries at Grocery Stores

Grocery stores generally markup toilitries, 25 percent or higher, than discounted drug stores. It is worth a quick trip into Walmart or your favorite discount drugstore to stock up on your toiletry needs.

Practice "Mixing It" Yourself

Food items that include added sugars, spices, and sauces are often up to 50 percent higher than buying the basics and doing it yourself. Sugar coated cereals and frozen seasoned dinner mixes are a good example. A bottle of teriyaki goes much further than that little mixing package can ever hope to go. Plan your meals in advance to avoid the temptation to buy the "all in one" solutions.

Concentrated Juice Offers Big Savings

Most cartons of juice offer the buyer the opportunity to spend up to 60 percent more than purchasing the frozen concentrated equivalent. That is quite a big difference for the same amount of product.

Don't Be Shy About Shopping the Discount Basket

Often times they contain food products that manufactures want to clear off the shelf to make room for their newly designed package of the same product. Browsing the sale baskets in the stores is an excellent way to stretch your spending.

Shop Store Brands and Generic Products

A super large can of store brand spaghetti sauce is a perfect example of saving through store brand buying. You can break it down into reasonable proportions and freeze it for later. Not only do you increase you spending power, but you save on an extra trip to the store.

Don't Leave Money on the Table

You don't have to be a coupon junky to enjoy thrifty savings from bringing your coupons with you to the store. Just thumb through magazines and newspapers and clip out the coupons on products you already enjoy. Your savings will add up fast with little effort on your part.

500 GBP Habitat Vouchers (UK)
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Free Grocery Coupon Sites

Enter your zip code and find printable coupons for your area.

Offering food coupons for online and brick & mortar shopping.

SmartSource Savings Network

Comprised of leading grocery and retail chains, newspapers, lifestyle websites, interactive companies and others bringing online savings to you. Printable coupons available.


Offering free grocery coupons, special promotions and product samples. Local coupons available.

ValuePage Enter your zipcode and receive a ValuePage list of special offers to use at your local grocery store.

Free Dinner for 2 (USA)
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